‘Biblical Foundations for Public Leadership’ is the Jubilee Centre’s key training programme to develop and serve young Christian professionals seeking to make an impact for Christ in the ‘secular’ world. The course connects the ancient world and words of the Bible with the economic, social and political challenges of the 21st century. The Bible provides us with a coherent vision for society that prioritises right relationships and promotes social justice. By becoming immersed in the biblical social vision and the principles of Relational Thinking, the programme will help you with becoming more effective as the salt and light of Christ in the world.

The programme is comprised of eight modules, with four lessons in each one. Taking a blended learning approach, the course combines selected reading materials, small group discussions and writing a reflective essay for each module.

The course is unique in two ways.  Firstly, the curriculum has been built around previously published material (particularly Jubilee Centre’s Cambridge Papers) so it builds up a comprehensive overview of each sphere.  By carefully selecting articles and essays on a range of issues in each module, we introduce and illustrate how the Bible speaks powerfully into each area of public life.  Secondly, this is a tutored course rather than a taught course, as the primary content is in the reading material, rather than videos of lectures (there will be just one or two such lectures per module).  Full details of the course structure are here.

Participants must have a fast internet connection, a computer with a webcam and a Skype account.

Dates and Costs:

The next course begins in 7th January 2019, and runs until December 2019. To join go to the registration page.

The cost for the BFPL course is £250.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on these pages or have any further questions, please write to the course director Philip Powell (p.powell@jubilee-centre.org).

What previous participants say:

“Learning with the Jubilee Centre has been a revelation: It is possible to not merely strive for social reform as a Christian, but to think Christianly about social reform.” Jonathan van Tongeren, Netherlands

“The course has had a large impact on how I read the Bible. I’ve started to read the Old Testament with renewed interest and I find a lot of relevance and meaning in verses which, frankly, I previously found irrelevant or simply distant.” Gabor Gyura, Economist at the Central Bank of Hungary.

“The Jubilee online learning course has brought into focus the need to question and challenge the societal paradigms we often accept as the only way, and has provided an alternative perspective that is compelling and weighty.” Jonny Middleton, UK

“We are often speaking about the church being called to transform society. However, we can hardly identify specific ways in which we can do that – and our vocation as God’s people seems swallowed by the overwhelming forces of our society. The Foundational Module has the merit of going beyond a theoretical principle, explaining how our society functions and how a relational approach can make an historical difference.”  Paulian Petric, Romania

 “For me, the content of this course and the rich and ongoing discussions with fellow participants from around the world (continues to) make space for me to engage in different questions and challenge my perspectives.  Rather than provide a prescribed set of actions to change the world, it deepens my understanding of and the clarity with which I follow Christ; fulfillment of the law and the prophets and therefore deeply interested in and able to speak into the systems of society; health, justice, law, economics, trade, business, governance, infrastructure, science and technology, all of which are woven together through relationships.” Mercedes McGuire, Canada