The ‘Biblical Foundations for Public Leadership’ programme has seven modules, each made up of four lessons.

1. Foundations

This module introduces the Biblical basis for engaging in social reform, the methodology for applying biblical law to different spheres of society today and the role of ‘relational thinking’ in bringing about change in society.

Lesson 1: Biblical Vision for Society – I

Lesson 2: Biblical Vision for Society – II

Lesson 3: Relational Thinking – I

Lesson 4: Relational Thinking – II

2. The Economy

This module deals with economics and finance. It explores issues like debt and the biblical ban on interest, and considers what it will take to transform capitalism. The lesson on application highlights relational companies.

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Debt & Interest

Lesson 3: Beyond Capitalism

Lesson 4: Relational Companies

3. Politics

This module deals with thinking biblically about politics, followed by an exploration of human rights, democracy and international relations.

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Democracy

Lesson 3: Human rights

Lesson 4: International relations

4. Law & Justice

This module deals with the law, crime and punishment. There is an introduction to a biblical understanding of justice, with further exploration of issues like crime and punishment. The lesson on application highlights prison reform.

Lesson 1: Understanding Justice

Lesson 2: Bible & Law

Lesson 3: Crime & Punishment

Lesson 4: Prisons

5. The Arts

This module focuses on beauty and artistic expression from a biblical perspective. Different aspects of art include sculpture, painting and literature.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Arts

Lesson 2: Installation & Sculpture

Lesson 3: Painting & Music

Lesson 4: Literature

6. New Module: Welfare

Details tbc

7. Family & Sexual Ethics

This module deals with marriage, sex and family. There is an introduction to understanding the centrality of family for building a relational society, followed by lessons on marriage and sex – including a lesson on gender issues.

Lesson 1: Marriage

Lesson 2: Family

Lesson 3: Sexual ethics – I

Lesson 4: Sexual ethics – II

8. Science & Technology

This module deals with God’s created world and our relationship to it. It includes understanding science from a biblical perspective and the impact of technology on human relationships. Environmental stewardship is also explored.

Lesson 1: Bible & Science

Lesson 2: Human uniqueness

Lesson 3: Creation care

Lesson 4: Technology