The Foundations Module lays the groundwork for the whole course. It provides you with the basic intellectual building blocks for understanding how the Bible speaks into public life, and the basis for Christian social engagement. The purpose of the Foundations

The Economy

The Economy

  Capitalism is the dominant economic ideology of the 21st century and, to some degree, it defines the way of life for most people on our planet. Understanding capitalism is imperative for understanding our world. For some it is a


  You might have heard the phrase ‘politics is a dirty business’. You may also have heard Christians saying phrases such as ‘there’s too much politics in the church’ or, ‘Jesus had nothing to do with politics’. But what exactly

Justice & Law

Christians across the board are usually quite familiar with the concept of justice. Whilst many Christians are passionate to ‘do justice’, they sometimes lack a rich, biblically-grounded understanding of justice. Moreover, there is often a great deal of confusion around

Family & Sexual Ethics

This module seeks to provide a biblical approach to thinking clearly about the issues of family and sexual ethics in their many facets and dimensions. The institution of marriage and family life is in crisis in much of the Western

Science & Technology

In this module you will be studying science and technology from a biblical perspective. Some Christians and non-Christians have created a false antithesis between the Bible and science. Whilst the Bible is not a scientific textbook, it does provide the

The Arts

This module provides a biblically-grounded approach to thinking clearly about the arts. Art informs culture and is shaped by it. It represents an outlet for creative and imaginative expression. As such, art-forms are a physical manifestation of inner creative impulses.