The Foundations Module lays the groundwork for the whole course. It provides you with the basic intellectual building blocks for understanding how the Bible speaks into public life, and the basis for Christian social engagement.

The purpose of the Foundations Module is to understand the very heart of the Jubilee Centre, and why we believe that right and just relationships must be the goal of social transformation. This is a truly radical idea—one which takes a lifetime to explore, understand and apply.

The four lessons in the Foundations Module are divided into two halves. Lessons 1 & 2 are about a Biblical vision for society, whilst lessons 3 & 4 are about Relational Thinking.

 Learning Objectives for Foundations Module:

  • Introduction to a Biblical vision for society
  • Israel as ‘social paradigm’
  • Relational Thinking
  • The relational proximity framework (RPF)
  • Jubilee Road Map

As you listen to and read the resources in the Foundations Module, you will gain a deeper and fuller understanding of God’s vision for society. You will come to understand the biblical basis for social engagement and why right and just relationships are at the heart of a Christian worldview.

Enjoy your reading and reflection!

To begin with, watch these two videos in which the Jubilee Centre’s director, Jonathan Tame, interviews our founder, Dr Michael Schluter, about the themes and ideas in the Foundations Module.


Course Content

Lessons Status

Lesson 1: Biblical Vision for Society - Part I


Lesson 2: Biblical Vision for Society - Part II


Lesson 3: Relational Thinking - Part I


Lesson 4: Relational Thinking - Part II