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Sometimes you hear people saying ‘politics is a dirty business’ or Christians saying ‘there is too much politics in the church’ or ‘Jesus had nothing to do with politics’. What is politics and how should Christians think about and engage the sphere of government? This module seeks to provide a biblical basis to think about politics in its many facets and dimensions.

The word government conjures ideas of power, authority and law. We may read about politicians doing this or saying that while feeling our own lives are rather distant from politics but at the same time affected by it as it relates to paying taxes or when applying for a visa to travel abroad. What or who is government? Government is the system by which a country is governed. Government is a group of people with the authority and power and to govern a country.

Over the past hundred years Christians on the whole have had an ambivalent, if not negative, relationship to politics. Of course there have been many exceptions to this but certain facts remain. As Christians we have struggled to know how to relate matters of personal salvation with matters of justice in public life. There have also been number of examples of Christian engaging politics in ways that have been damaging and dishonour the name of Christ. In the past Christians have used coercion to enforce our faith on the whole of society and persecute dissenters. The challenge facing Christians today is knowing how to take seriously our calling to making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19) and do this is in a way that honours the name of Christ.

The four units of the Politics Module will provide you with sound biblical basis for thinking broadly and clearly about politics, democracy, human rights and international relations.


Learning Objectives:

Unit 1 – Introduction to politics

What is government? What is the role of the state? Biblical basis for exercising authority.

Unit 2 – Democracy

What is democracy? A critique of democracy.

Unit 3 – Human rights

What is human rights? How should it be applied and realized in society?

Unit 4 – International politics

God’s view of nations and their relationships.

Happy learning!

To begin with, watch the introductory video with Dr. Jonathan Chaplin explaining some of the broad themes and issues you will learn about in Politics module.

Course Content

Lessons Status

Lesson 1: Introduction


Lesson 2: Democracy


Lesson 3: Human rights


Lesson 4: International relations

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