Christians across the board are usually quite familiar with the concept of justice. Whilst many Christians are passionate to ‘do justice’, they sometimes lack a rich, biblically-grounded understanding of justice. Moreover, there is often a great deal of confusion around the relationship between biblical law and justice. Does the coming of Jesus annul all of the Old Testament laws? If not, then what should we do with the laws in the Old Testament? More fundamentally, can the Torah serve Christians as we engage with issues pertaining to law and justice in contemporary society?

This module seeks to provide a solid, biblical approach to thinking clearly about law and justice in its many facets and dimensions. The subject of justice is vast and we could focus on many different topic and angles. In this module, we are particularly focused on criminal justice.

The four lessons of the Justice & Law Module will provide you with the biblical knowledge to think broadly and deeply about subjects like law, crime, punishment and prisons—all from a relational justice perspective.

Learning Objectives:

Lesson – 1: Understanding Justice
What is justice? A biblically-grounded understanding of justice.

Lesson – 2: Bible & Law
Understanding biblical law from a relational perspective.

Lesson – 3: Crime & Punishment
Understanding punishment as the right and just response to crime.

Lesson – 4: Prisons
Applying the principles of relational justice to the prison system.

Happy Learning!

To begin with, watch the introductory video with Dr. Jonathan Burnside explaining some of the broad themes and issues you will learn about in the Justice & Law module.

Justice & Law

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