This module seeks to provide a biblical approach to thinking clearly about the issues of family and sexual ethics in their many facets and dimensions. The institution of marriage and family life is in crisis in much of the Western world. Seeking personal happiness and fulfillment has taken priority over making long-term commitments. What is called ‘traditional marriage’, between a man and woman, is now viewed as some kind of religious quirk or one among many other options. In these confusing times how should Christians think biblically about marriage, sex and family? The Bible offers a radically alternative view to what is popular in our culture. In the Bible the sanctity and mystery of marriage is used to describe the relationship between Christ and the church. Therefore marriage and family are important to God and are at the heart of God’s plan for the world. God is pro-marriage and pro-family. Marriage is presented as the chief building-block for a good society. The purpose and goal of marriage is understood as a life-long commitment to living self-sacrificial love and service. Good marriages make the world a better place. So when marriages fail, we can be sure that eventually society will also fail.

The subject matter in this module is very personal, but it also concerns public policy issues of great significance for wider society. The four lessons of the Family & Sexual Ethics module will provide you with the biblical knowledge to think broadly and deeply about marriage, sex and family life from a relational perspective.

Learning Objectives:

Lesson – 1: Marriage
A biblical understanding of marriage.

Lesson – 2: Family
Family at the heart of a relational society.

Lesson – 3: Sexual ethics – I
Understanding sex as God’s gift, and its proper place.

Lesson – 4: Sexual ethics – II
Dealing with gender and homosexuality issues

Happy Learning!

To begin with, watch the introductory video with Chris Townsend explaining some of the broad themes and issues you will learn about in the Family & Sexual ethics module.

Family & Sexual Ethics

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